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Needed service when I locked inside my daughter's 2003 Hyundai Elantra keys at the Beechwood Independent School !! Brian was really perfect and offered a very justifiable price. Brian truly attempts to help and it undoubtedly is visible. Brian even brought me an authentic key from the dealer that no other locksmith could. I would undeniably offer FT MITCHELL Locksmith Pros for any locksmith help. Thanks !! (Odessa V. KY Fort Mitchell)

Brian only charged me for the call and the time. He didn't bother to took anything for the latch. And, Brian also checked my garage window lock to make sure it was working OK also. Service above and beyond, reliable and kind. We couldn't ask for any other experience. (Shirlene X., Dixie Highway Fort Mitchell )

Brian just had to rekey the switch lock in my Chrysler Crossfire and I have to admit he was not only very sociable and amiable, but did a quick and clean work. Thank you ! - Earl B., Fort Mitchell

My window lock fell apart when my partner tried to lock it, and I was afraid a locksmith on Saint Patrick’s Day (I have developed a whole plumber-locksmith, 'I'll charge you anything because you're f'ed without me' anxiety). FT MITCHELL Locksmith Pros phoned me back fastly, presented a nearly spot-on estimate, Dusty came over exactly when they said he would, and was a helpful and entertaining chatterer while I stood there looking at him fix my door lock. He didn't just fix it but explained to me what was the problem with it and even made an effort to describe to me exactly how keys are created, which was really cool, and hopefully the new keys he rekeyed for me won't stick, which is basically what messed up the lock originally. I have no clue about pricing for this kind of job, but anything below $100 (it was $70 for the visit, repair, and three additional keys) was far, far lower than what I was dreading. And they take credit cards! @ Adan M., Fort Mitchell

Dusty just had to rekey the ignition lock in my 2005 Mercedes Benz E-Klasse T-Modell and I have to admit he was not only very friendly and cheerful, but also did a very quick and decent job. Outstanding !! (William I. Fort Mitchell KY )

Local businesses, take a lesson from FT MITCHELL Locksmith Pros. Bingo ! Professional appointment setting with a two hour slot. Crystal clear regarding valuation of service cost. Brian arrived on exactly at the appointment time and unlocked the passenger door in around 15 minutes, less than my expectation. The fee was strictly as told on the phone and absolutely reasonable in comparison to other estimates I got from other locksmiths in Kentucky Fort Mitchell for my Porsche Cayman. You can quickly tell that they genuinely enjoy pleasing the customers. Well done !! @ Alisha U., Fort Mitchell